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新媒体运营 Digital Media Operator


1. Responsible for online brand promotion, interactive advertisements, and picture text writing (can create short videos; Photoshop is preferred); create appealing product advertisement and description version.
2. Sensitive to trending topics, with strong understanding of social media trends as well as knowledge about text style of we-media platforms such as wechat and RED;
3. Understand the writting trend of fashion categories, are capable of independently accomplishing beauty and skin care topics and video planning with excellent writing skills.
4.According to market strategy, responsible for optimizing product description, mining product highlights and selling points, providing intuitive, and appealing text product descriptions.
5.Complete multi-channel advertisement plan based on the promotion strategies, characteristics of each channel, as well as the needs of market activities, to monitor and analyze the media release data.

Job Requirements:

1. More than one year of experience in social media management and social media editing and familiarity with all types of manuscript composition;

2. Capable of producing high-quality documents in a short amount of time, with solid writing skills, and capable of completing the topic selection, planning, and editing of articles independently;

3. Understand the skin care, beauty, and fashion industries and have own opinions about them

4. Pay close attention to the details, demonstrate a high level of professionalism and responsibility, and have a solid teamwork ethic;

5. Capable with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and additional office software;

6. Bachlor or higher degree in Digital Media or related field is an asset;

7. Proficieny in Mandarin is must have.

Profolio is required.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and portfolio to email: and mention the position applying for.

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