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☻ About Purchase

​1. How to buy LAMOUR products?

LAMOUR offers two purchase methods: ① In-store purchase ② Online purchase (order from WeChat customer service, Taobao), click "here" to go to the shopping page.

2. Acceptable Payment Methods

【 LAMOUR InStore Shopping 】Accept the following payment methods: cash, Debit Card, VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay,
   WeChat payment, Alipay.
【 LAMOUR Online Shopping 】Accept the following payment methods: EMT, WeChat payment, Alipay.


 Online Shopping - Delivery Service & Policies

​1. What delivery services do we offer for online purchases?

For online purchases, LAMOUR provides: postal service, next-day delivery service, and InStore pickup service.

2.Shipping Policies

① Mail service is supported throughout Canada.
② If you spend $100 or more before tax, you can enjoy free shipping in Ontario; if you spend $200 before tax, you can enjoy free shipping in other provinces.
(Special items and some items in the store do not participate in free shipping)
③ It is recommended to apply for insurance for large orders, and you can consult customer service for specific insurance costs.

3.Delivery Time

LAMOUR promises to complete the distribution and packaging within 48 hours. The specific delivery time depends on the third-party logistics company (Canada Post). Once the package is sent, we cannot control the specific logistics situation, and the logistics time will vary depending on various factors. For logistics information, you can check the third-party logistics official website.

4.What should I do if the package is lost?

Lost packages are the sole responsibility of third-party logistics. However, we can help you solve the loss problem together. If you need help, please contact LAMOUR WeChat customer service.

5.Next Day Delivery Service

① Next-day delivery services are available in GTA areas, including: Downtown, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Missisauga, Newmarket, Aurora, Oakville.
② You can enjoy free delivery service when you spend $99 or more before tax, and you need to pay a $9.99 delivery fee if you spend less than $99.
③ If the address is House, the driver will place the package at the door + photo SMS notification; if the address is Condo, the package will be handed over to the front desk for collection + SMS notification​
④ During the epidemic, LAMOUR adopts contactless delivery to ensure your safety. Please keep your phone open.
⑤ If there is a second delivery due to your personal reasons, a second delivery fee will be incurred.

6.InStore Pickup Service

① LAMOUR has five stores, all of which support InStore self-pickup service. Click "here" to go to check store locations.
​② The pick-up time of each store is slightly different, you can call the store to check, click "here" to go to the store page.
​③ You can add 👇
Wechat customer service of each store👇 to learn more about the store details.

North York

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About Return & Exchange

​1. Is it possible to return/exchange?

​① We do not accept any return or exchange without reason.
② If there is any quality problem with the product, LAMOUR will provide you with a return or exchange service within 7 working days after purchase.
③ Non-product quality problems, once sold, do not provide return or exchange.

​2. How to return/exchange?

​For return/exchange, please contact the store you purchased or LAMOUR WeChat customer service.

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