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产品运营 Product Operation Specialist

Job Duties:

  • Monitor and evaluate the stores' appropriate display;

  • Observe daily consumer orders and determine the most popular items;

  • Place product orders based on the typical daily sales volume;

  • Implementing the marketing strategy to display popular items in the store;

  • Responsible for improving operational strategies and solutions in accordance with key indicators of customer operation, such as repurchase rate, customer wake-up, minimizing customer loss, etc;

  • Notify the marketing team of the products' expiration dates;

  • Offer suggestions for new product creation to the company;

  • Use web analytics and Excel spreadsheets (pivot tables, vlookups, etc.) to track fluctuations in product sales and stay organized;

  • Report weekly inventory levels to the marketing team, assist with the marketing activities of the store, compile the corresponding data statistics, and continuously enhance the sales output of store marketing activities;

Skills and Requirements:

Bachlor or higher degree in Marketing, Business administration, or related field are preferred

Familiar with the cosmetic and skincare brands from both Korea and Japan, in addition to the most recent fashion trends

Familiar with the FMCG industry, experience in FMCG management and operation would be an asset

Possess proficiency with customer operations and knowledge of local operating regulations

Superior understanding of marketing, supply chain management, commodity inventory management, etc.

Skilled user of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

Strong sense of responsibility

Delight in working together with other people / Find fulfillment in cooperating with others

Fluency in both Mandarin and English

How to Apply

Please send your resume to email: and mention the position applying for.

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